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Example items:

  • Slowpoke tail, selling for 4,900.
  • Star Piece, selling for 4,900.
  • Big Nugget, selling for 10,000.
  • Big Pearl, selling for 7,500.
    These are all for the current generation (Sun/Moon) meaning they were probably sold for a lower price in other games.
    (e.g. Big Nugget selling for 20,000 in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and X & Y.)
    So what I'm saying is the highest selling item, as of Generation 7 (price of item in Generation 7.)
    And if there happens to be a generation 8, just edit your answer!
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According to Bulbapedia, Comet shard and Relic Gold (not available in game, but still has sell data) are sold for 30,000, and Big Nuggets sell for 20,000. It is sold for 10,000 in ORAS (I also checked my OR and UM, and found this to be true). These are the highest selling items.

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Comet Shards sell for 30k Pokedollars.
@ J. Fuseon (Amalgeon) have you read the answer? it is in there.
Are you sure nothing sells for more money?
sumwun, I checked all the item pages on bulbapedia :P . The page I linked has all the highest selling items on it, and even states on the page: > A valuable item is an item which generally serves no practical purpose other than to be sold, usually for a high price.