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Like, the “code name” and then the actual item, along with price please

What exactlty is 'Rare Wares'? Searching that up gives the results of a quest named 'Even More New Wares' and the list of items Ginter provides (which has been covered here: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/406159 ).
I think the rare wares are the things that Ginter sells.
Wouldn't that make this the exact same as the question I mentioned above? But Ty said in a comment there that both are different from each other.
Flagging because no response to follow-up question. I had even walled the OP regarding the question 5 days ago.
Originally, the answer only had the names and not the code names, which is why I said they were different. It was since edited to include the item and code name, however, it still doesn’t include the sell prices

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