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I did the process of beating Morty, checked the cave on Friday and Lapras is not there. Did I miss something?

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Did you check the right room in the cave? Are you sure your DS's clock is set correctly?
Yes I checked the clock and I checked the map of the cave
Yup checked n it’s  that room

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Sorry if this is incorrect, but as far as your answer goes, It should be there on fridays, so something must be wrong. :P

Possible reasoning Lapras isn't showing up:

A: Lapras in found in Union Cave, so if you are searching in, say, Dark Cave, you won't find it.

B: It is in Union Cave's basement, have you checked there?

C: Did you save after beating Morty? (this would be very unfortunate if you haven't)

D: Is your game hacked in any way/are you using an emulator?

If none of these are it, I have no clue what's wrong, but I do know a possible solution. There is another location Lapras can be found, but it is much later in the game (if your interested). In the Safari Zone, specifically in the Rocky Beach Area, there is about a 17% chance of encountering Lapras while surfing.

Safari Zone Source

Hope I helped!

It's possible that catching the Lapras prevents it from appearing again, but I don't play HGSS, so I don't know.
I'm pretty sure that there is a new Lapras every Friday, even if you've already caught one.
That is what bulbapedia says.

It comes back every friday. It is how I have 7 of them on SS without breeding via this method :P
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Lapras would be found in the Union Cave FRIDAY NIGHT.

  • Need surf to travel across the river.
  • Take stairs to get to an under ground level.
  • There will be trainers you have to battle.
  • There will be a large area of water-travel downwards and turn right and you will find Lapras.