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Salmance with salmancite moxie and when it mega evolves aerilate. Dragon claw for good attack and other dragons , steel wing/iron tail for ice and fairy types and rock types . And hyper beam for aerilate is flying for fighting and bug and grass plus stab. So which should be the final move.

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In-game or competitive? If in-game, which game? If competitive, which format?
Hmm are we allowed to change the original moveset?
U should replace Hyper beam for Return/Body Slam to get Aerilate and DDance boost
@sumwun If I gave replaced moves, would my answer break the no move-set rule?
No, I think
@Stakataka Don't ask me! Ask someone like Fizz. It's not like I'm an expert or something.
ok, ok, just thought that you'd know.
I will explain something: yes, you can use Hyper Beam, and hey, with a Lonely(or maybe adamant still works) nature, It might be a great lure to a physical wall (not that I can currently think of one). But hyper beam is still that, Hyper Beam. Sure, it has STAB, but unless you OHKO thier last poke with it, it isn't great. It gives the opponent a turn to setup, or OHKO Salamance. It is best to go full physical or an odd full special lure, but mixed doesn't always work. Also, Physical is desired because without 1(or 2, i don't remeber) speed boosts with dragon dance, scarf Mamoswine will out speed and OHKO revenge kill Salamance. :P
Ps, also Salamance gets a lot better coverage with physical moves. The Flying-Dragon-Steel Coverage isn't great, a better one wold be Flying-Rock-Ground, and then a Move like Dragon Dance.

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The 4th move I recommend is Dragon Dance. However, I suggest changing some other moves and such, if possible.

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Ability: Intimidate/Aerilate
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 Def
Jolly Nature
-Dragon Dance
-Body Slam/Return
-Dragon Claw

First of all, the preferable ability before mega evolution is Intimidate. Moxie will only be put to use if Salamence gets a kill without mega evolving. You might want to mega evolve sooner, so Intimidate is better because it will activate immediately when Salamence switches in. You didn't say EVs, so I recommend maxing out speed and attack. Jolly or maybe Adamant are the two best natures for a physical sweeper Salamence, though Jolly is preferable. Dragon Dance is a must-have set-up move that will boost attack and speed, so Salamence can sweep. Body Slam and Return are both much better choices than Hyper Beam. For one, Salamence is best as a physical sweeper, so the special move Hyper Beam isn't the most reliable. Second, Hyper Beam and other recharge moves are bad because it can be easily punished and you may get set up on. Iron Tail isn't a bad pick for a move, though I prefer Earthquake. First of all, Steel Wing has low base power and Iron Tail has low accuracy, while Earthquake has 100 base power and 100% accuracy. In addition, without Earthquake, you can't dent a steel type.

It would be great if you could make these changes, as they are very significant and will give you a greater edge in competitive. Hope I helped! :)

You could have way better coverage with aqua tail (i know, right?) if you wish to keep dragon claw(problem with me ever considering dragon types is that they offer terrible STAB coverage for dragon, but if they had better STAB coverage, they'd be op). The best coverage for Salamance naturally doesn't entail dragon (for aforementioned reasoning), It would replace Dragon Claw with Stone Edge (that's if you wan't a setup move, if you don't, fire fang is the final move. However, fire fang is pretty weak, and Salamance works wonders with Dragon Dance).
but like you said, earthquake will outclass aqua tail in usefulness, even if not coverage (which is aqua tail isn't used on it much)
Yeah Stone Edge offers good coverage. However, I would keep Dragon Dance because attack AND speed in one turn is really good for sweeping. If you have your attack boosted, you don't need as much coverage because STAB moves can kill at neutral damage. Stone Edge>Dragon Claw maybe? Idk
even I voted for this lol although I do think that hone claws and IRon tail are good enough to match especially with intimidate
I meant replacing dragon claw for stone edge
Oh, okay. Hone Claws and Iron Tail is an exceptional combination but Salamence will still need coverage against steel. I guess you can replace D-Dance with Hone Claws and Iron Tail for Dragon Claw. Though I prefer just ditching Iron Tail and giving it Earthquake for better accuracy, while still retaining its Dragon Claw or Stone Edge. Also Dragon Dance raises speed.
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Okay with the data you have given me (sumwun's right, you should be more descriptive) and without changing this moveset, this is the set I have come up with (I'll revise it as more data is given.)

Mega Salamence (?) @Salamencite
Trait: Aerilate
(Advanced stats unknown)
~Dragon Claw
~Steel Wing/Iron Tail
~Hyper Beam
~Dragon dance/Hone claws

This is a very vague question, but I felt like answering. Until you give me more information, (or the green light on changing the moveset) I suggest a status moves, probably Hone Claws, to help make Iron Tail more useful and accurate. This is a very mixed set, and it doesn't help that Salamence is a special attacker at heart.

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Why have him choose between agility and swords dance when he can use dragon dance and raise both stats?
Yes good idea totally overlooked that.