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Pikachu is such a beloved Pokemon! But how good is it at level 100?

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Bear in mind that the responses here are generally going to be for competitive play, where level 100 is a given and Pokemon are assessed on their overall merit. If you're after more of a value judgement, this might be better to discuss on the chat room or elsewhere.
At level 100, it's completely outclassed by Zapdos.

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A 100 Level Pikachu's stats:
HP: 211
Atk: 131
Def :117
SpA :199
SpD :136
Spe :306
A 1 level Pikachu's stats:
HP: 12
Atk: 5
Def :6
SpA :6
SpD: 6
If they both hold light ball, then their Atk would be 262 and 10, SpA would be 378 and 12.
How good is? I will think it is not enough good. It's movepool is very bad, and isn't much bulky. It is outclassed by other Pokemon in showdown!. And without LC and random format, every format' s Pokemon are level 100. (In balanced hackmons, some Pokemon are level 1)
But if you are playing in-game , then since most Pokemon are not 100, then it maybe a bit good (not online battles).
A 100 Raichu's stats:
Btw, I love Pikachu's design but I hate it in competitive...

I hate its design and I also hate it in competitive.
Its design is okay, it is a cute mouse thing, but honestly I see no gain in not evolving one that can evolve. :P
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At Lv. 100, Pikachu is, unfortunately, lots worse than other Lv. 100 Pokemon. Pikachu has extremely mediocre stats and its base stat total is 320. Even lower level Pokémon will be significantly stronger. If you want to a solid electric type in battling, either evolve Pikachu or find a stronger electric type, such as Zapdos, Magnezone, Jolteon, etc. If you really like Pikachu and would like to level one up to Lv. 100, then that's perfectly fine. Any Lv. 100 is valuable in my opinion. I mean, it can't be that bad, especially since it can hold Light Ball and Pikinium-Z. But don't expect to do very good in online battle.

Basically, Pikachu isn't very good, even at Lv. 100. But it is still Lv. 100, so you may want to consider taking the time in evolving it, especially since it is such a "beloved" Pokémon.

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A Pikachu at level 100 would be good in just the normal playthrough/post game since the most amount of levels an NPC would have is usually like 60-70 at maximum, so you could easily over power the NPCs. But if you do online competitions and such, a Pikachu is usually pretty bad because 1) it would be set to level 50, and 2) Pikachus are pretty garbage in competitions unless you have a really good strat.

So, in short Pikachu is usually pretty bad, but it all depends on what you are using it for.