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I am doing a complex breeding project for my friend who doesn't understand breeding and wants a Feraligatr with Dragon Dance and it's ability Sheer Force which is caught/bred in a Poke Ball. I have a male Totodile with Dragon Dance, which is caught in a Poke Ball, and a Female Totodile with Sheer Force, caught in a Luxury Ball. If I breed these, I know I will get a Totodile with Dragon Dance, which may also inherit Sheer Force, however I don't know if it will turn out in a Poke Ball or only a Luxury Ball. Having looked online, some sites say I have a 50% chance for either Poke Ball, but others say I can only have a Luxury Ball. Is there a chance of getting a Poke Ball, or does the female need to be caught in a Poke Ball to pass down?


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They will have 50% chances to inherit either Poke ball or Luxury ball. You can inherit Poke ball. You cannot inherit only Master ball and Cherish ball.
Here's an image:

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I actually found this online, but I wasn't sure if this applied to SM only or USUM as well.