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In a competitive battle. Or a Shuca berry on an Electric type.

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What format are you asking about?
OU singles. Are there some places this would work better than others?

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Now that I know the format, I can give a format-specific answer. First, these are the normal Pokemon that are common in OU:
Mega Lopunny
Obviously, they both need to hold an eviolite or a Lopunnite in order to work, so there's no room for Chople berries here. Next, here are some electric Pokemon:
Tapu Koko
Wash Rotom
Tapu Koko can occasionally be used with a Shuca berry. However, it's generally much better when holding choice specs or Electrium Z because those items let it one-shot more stuff like Heatran.
Zapdos is not weak to ground.
Magnezone needs a choice scarf in order to outspeed many common steel Pokemon, including Kartana, Heatran, Excadrill, max speed mega Scizor, Bisharp, max speed Magearna, and max speed Celesteela.
Wash Rotom is weak to ground only when facing a Zygarde or a mold breaker Excadrill, while leftovers is useful almost always.
So basically there are just too many better items and those two berries couldn't get enough of a niche.

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Not exactly. See, generally Electric types, if anything, like to run Air Baloon over Shuca Berry because it stops scarf users into locking themselves into EQ (ex. Excadrill or Garchomp) Also, almost 80% of the time, a confusion berry or a sitrus berry would be a much better choice as it also allows you to tank hits better, and isn’t as situational. Leftovers is generally the best option for a tanky normal type, but it is useful in an almost entirely different way than Sitrus/Chopple/Shuca/Wiki berry are, so I won’t mention it from now on. Colbur berry is the most used competitive anti super effective berry as it counters Knock Off and Pursuit really well. I think that’s everything I have to say and have a BERRY nice day.