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I removed the link in your question, please don't link to illegal streaming sites.
Pokemaster is active!?
Are you guys sure the music used in the anime have names?
@sumwun, they do, yeah. A number of them are remixed songs from the games, and even a lot of the anime unique ones have their own names.

@Lugiasong As Pokemaster pointed out, please don't link to illegal streaming sites. I replaced the link with the official pokemon site's link so that others can still view the episode.

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how tf didya find out o.O
I just recognized the tune and found the video of it.
That's actually insane coincidence, pretty neat!

In generally though, how can one answer such type of  questions without the aid of dumb luck or background knowledge?
It varies by question, but being able to narrow down leads on where to look is key. I know to at least look up the pokemon anime ost for Kanto since that's the episode in question, then it's just matching tunes.