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10% Sure is better than 90% sure. Weak
yeah thats dated its 80 I had the banner like 3 weeks ago lol.
(nothing snarky intended)
It isn't Outdated. Ask Fizz or any expert like Hellfire Taco and sumwun
That thread is up to date. The requirement is in fact 25 and has been for years. You’re seeing the banner because you’re posting on old questions, for which the limit is 100.
As for this question, I don’t see what’s wrong with ‘it varies’ as an answer. I think this is okay.

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To answer your question "How long does X/Y take to complete" According to https://www.speedrun.com/pkmnxy the fastest finishing time for X/Y is 3 hours & 42 minutes(Technically making this the answer). Astounding really but do keep in mind this is speedrunning so therefore it was most likely done under best possible circumstances. Through the numerous times I have played though (see my profile for more details) I usally average any where from 50 to 65 hours at a pretty leisurely pace. Although I do know some people who see a 20 hour play through as a normal time, so it really relies on your play style do you pick Pokemon who's evolutionary forms will hold up? do you yeild for type matchups? do you play in the morning and forget to close before going to the bus adding 7 hours??? It's really how you play and how the game fits into your everyday life as a recreational activity. Hope this helped!