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The UBs are mysterious creatures from another world. I was wondering: what do they represent?

You do realize that Lusamine purposely dressed herself and Lillie after specific UBs because she's obsessed with them, right?
Lusamine looks like pheramosa but loves nihilego. Does not answer the question.
Wasn't trying to answer the question, I was adding on to what you said about their looks in regards to Lusamine and Lillie to bring clarity to you about why their designs resemble that of the aforementioned Ultra Beasts. If my intention was to provide as good an answer as I could offer, I would have added my comment as an answer.
Kay. Got it. Sorry bout that.
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I think they represent the idea that there is more to this world (and the Pokémon world) then the average trainer/human would think. The idea that there are more organic life forms than just the Pokémon we know and love. UBs are much more powerful than the average Pokémon, which you can see when Nihilego possesses Lusamine. My theory is that UBs get their powers from the same place Totem Pokémon do in the main storyline. They both surround themselves with a mysterious power to gain stats, which I think correlates to Z Moves. Hopefully we will find more out about Ulra Beasts and Z-Power in the gen 8 game on the switch.

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