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Examples: What happens if an HGSS player battles a DP player with a griseous orb? What happens when a BW2 player battles a BW player with a therian Landorus? What happens when an ORAS player battles an XY player with a Lopunnite? What happens when an USM player battles a SM player with a Naganadel? Please don't question my curiosity.

I didn't even realize this was possible...
Now I want to know, as well.
Im going to try it with Omega Ruby and X using Lopunnite and then answer based on that, if that's not sufficient let me know so I don't waste my time
Ditto wig! and props to you Terlor for using tests procedure make sure to use multiple types of items for best results!
Well I do have access to UM and M but I can't be bothered to go and complete UM in order to catch Naganagel...
If someone comes in and one-ups me by conducting multiple tests, by all means, BA them.

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Well, In all games XY and after, the game will not allow you to battle, saying you need Kalos Rules (ORAS) or something like that.

In all other cases (I have tested battles with my games), it is best if I give an example.

If I Fight my cousin (He has White 2 and I have White), and he uses White Kyurem, on my screen, It appears to be Regular Kyurem, and he can't use Freeze Shock, as it will "Fail". It still had Turboblaze, however.

I am pretty sure that is the same for D/P and SS (which I can test later if you wish), Giratina will look like a regular one, but still have Levitate. Idk if it gets Griseous orb boost, but I can test that, too.

Source: Experience

Hope I helped!

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When I tried to battle an Omega Ruby player with a Lopunnite against an X player it gave me the following message: "Rules have been changed to Kalos rules. At least one participant is using Pokemon X or Pokemon Y. Items, moves, and Pokemon that have been newly added in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire can't be used."
And subsequently:"You have not met the conditions, so you cannot participate"

I imagine this would be the case in any other example.

Sorry to disappoint, the universe didn't implode :/

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When I was battling in USUM against some SM players, when it checks the team, it says This team is not allowed, Naganadel is not usable in this battle.