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I have a male Cinccino with a Jolly nature and the ability Skill Link. I want to breed this Cinccino to get a female with the same nature and ability and have max stats. It's for competitive battiling.

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For my question I forgot to take off the question mark on the second sentence. I meant to say that the Cinccino I want is for competitive battles.
To increase the chance of passing down jolly, you can breed it with a Ditto while Cinccino's holding an everstone and Ditto isn't. I don't know how to get good IVs, though.
Ok thank you! Now I just need someone to explain the good IV's.
Good IVs don't come easy. You'll want to get your hands on a 6 IV Ditto, as this will simplify the breeding process a lot. Unfortunately, this is very hard to do in X/Y nowadays, and your alternative options are also pretty bad in X/Y.
If you can start this process again in Sun/Moon, you would have a realistic solution both with and without a good Ditto. You'd also be able to pick up a (hacked) 6 IV Ditto from this site: https://www.reddit.com/r/morebreedingdittos/wiki/rules
It is pretty hard to do this in X and Y...
Thank you all who have responded to my question! I am very proud that you guys helped me when I had trouble. Thanks!

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Let me start by letting you in a few breeding mechanics--

  • Pokemon will pass down their nature if they hold an everstone
  • Pokemon will pass down a stats IV if they are holding the corresponding power item
  • Pokemon will pass down 5 IVs instead of the default 3 if they hold a destiny knot
  • Pokemon have a 60% chance of passing down their hidden ability when bred with a Ditto. Without the Ditto only female Pokemon can pass down a hidden ability, and female Pokemon have an 80% chance of passing down their ability.
  • Two power items will cancel each-other out, however the destiny knot can be used in conjunction with power items.

With that said, you need to juggle breeding with everstones, power items, and destiny knots. It will take time, but I assure you it works. You'll need a collection of Dittos that collectively have the right IVs you want. I would advise taking these steps~

  • Breed for a Pokemon with the desired ability and nature.
  • Give this Pokemon the everstone and breed it with a Ditto holding the power item associated with the stat you want to pass down.
  • Give the new Pokemon the everstone and breed it with a Ditto holding a power item for a different IV that you want to pass down. Do this until you get a Pokemon with the right ability and two perfect IVs.

Personally what I would do from here is this...

  • Make sure the offspring from the last step is female.
  • Repeat the above steps to produce a male with two perfect IVs that are opposite to the female and give him a destiny knot. Breed until you get an offspring that would be better to breed with the Pokemon you already have, passing along the destiny knot as needed, until you get your desired Pokemon.

There are other ways to do this, however. My way may not be favored by others. For more information I would like to refer you to an external site, Smogon forums. Hopefully this link is allowed, because it explains what you are looking for very well.

I hope this helped!

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