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This might be a stupid question for People that arent noobs, but how do TM's work?

I Just gave my torterra the TM bullet seed, but nothing happens...

Can't find it anywhere on the web... Please help!

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What game are you asking about?
Bullet Seed was only a TM in Gen 3 and 4, and Torterra didn’t exist in 3. Good chance it’s D/P/Pt.

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So giving a Pokemon a specific TM to hold WILL NOT WORK. What you have to do is go into your Bag and put the cursor/pointer over the selected TM. Press A and a small menu appears. Click use item and you can select the Pokemon that you want to have learn the TM. While doing this, the Pokemon will have a box next to them saying able or unable; this means that the Pokemon is either Able or Unable to learn this. Select the Pokemon you want to learn the TM and press A. Then the menu with all four of the Pokemon's moves plus the TM move underneath appears, and you select the move you want to remove. Click 'forget this move.'


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