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I have a problem choosing which Honchkrow is better,
A Honchkrow with Timid Nature and Super Luck
A Honchkrow with Adamant Nature and Insomnia

NOTE: The Honchkrow I choose will be added to my Platinum Team, meaning it's for in-game, and in gen 4.

EDIT: The best solution for now is, to hunt for another one with super luck and adamant

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You are aware that you need to trade in order to get Honchkrow in Platinum, right? If you can trade, then use a physical one because Honchkrow's physical attack is better.
Idk sumwun, it does get Nasty Plot and it is only ingame so I could see him get away with that.

....on second thought It gets like no good Special moves my level-up and I guess that's important
yes, i got Honchkrow from my ss game. @sumwun
Why you are using Honchkrow when Staraptor is better?
Staraptor, Alakazam, Infernape, Roserade, Garchomp are great for Platinum in-game.
MegaStellar, it's sumwun.
Why are you using Garchomp when Gliscor is better?

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Choice Band Sucker Punch Moxie Honchcrow is an absolute beast!!!

but, the physical honchkrow i have has insomnia
I would still say physical is better even without Moxie because Honchcrow's physical attack is higher than special.
Sucker punch is generally worse than night slash or fly because NPCs can randomly use status moves. Just use night slash and fly.