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I know that the odds overall are 1/64 (1/128 factoring in both genders on a 50:50 ratio). However, Eevee does not follow this ratio. The shiny will always be the opposite gender of the parent. Since I'll be breeding with a female, only males can be shiny, which is the dominant gender. Out of curiosity, what are the shiny odds for this gender ratio?

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I'm not sure, but I thought whether the parent is shiny or not doesn't reflect on the child? Idk, it might have changed since Gold silver
Clearing flags. We've got similar questions already, but not this exact one.
@Lycann The parent's shinyness only effects the offspring in GSC. No other games.
@Lycann thats how it was in GSC.
I have no idea about the chances, but if you want the shiny eevee than just save in front of the day care man.  GRrab the egg, DONT SAVE, and keep biking around till it hatches. If it is shiny save the game, if it is not than dont save, reset, and repeat. It should be pretty high chances tho.

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Breeding with these two Pokémon gives you a 1/64 chance of the offspring being shiny, and here's why:

  • HP doesn't affect shininess, so we can ignore this stat.
  • Attack is randomly generated when breeding, and is the stat that determines gender. Additionally, there are a number of ranges the Atk stat can be in order to be shiny, spanning 8/16 of the possible Atk IV values, giving you a 50% chance at this stage. Normally, this is also where the game determines which parent passes down its stats, but Ditto is always chosen in a pair with a Ditto, regardless of the other parent or offspring's gender.
  • Defense is always inherited from a parent, which in this case is a shiny Ditto, meaning there is a 100% chance that the offspring's Def stat falls within the shiny range. This won't change our stats.
  • The Special IV has a 50% chance of changing when breeding, so that, compounded with the 50% chance of the Atk stat being right, gives you a 25% chance at this stage.
  • The Speed stat needs to be exactly 10 in order to be shiny, but is determined randomly, giving us a 1/16 chance of getting a Spe stat of 10. That, on top of the 1/4 chance already required gives us a final shiny chance of 1/64.