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I want a togekiss.

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I do too! But I too could never find a shiny stone. Togetic is terrible but Togekiss Rocks! I hope you get an answer and then we can both get Togekisses!
mee too

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You can get a Shiny Stone by getting 1st place in the Bug Catching Contest and you can get them at the PokeDome on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday for 3000 points.

Note: You can only get it after getting the National Dex.

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3000!!! do you mean 300? no one has gotten into the thousands, to my recollection.
Nope, its 3000, yuo keep the points from the pokedome matches and all the points you have total can be 3000.
Oh ok thanks I wont use togetic then
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There should be a hole in the fence near the back of the National Park, go through it and go far right until you find a wall, use rock climb and get a Shiny Stone.

Note Rock Climb is only available after beating Blue.

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