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More specifically, the trainers with Pokemon that grow stronger when you use the VS Seeker, if there are any

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There are a lot of them.
Something tells me you didn't even read the description
I’m pretty sure every trainer you battle with the vs seeker gets stronger.
I did read it. There are a lot of trainers that get stronger when you use the vs. seeker (maybe 1-2 per route).

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Route 202: Youngster Tristan
Route 203: Youngster Dallas, Lass Madeline
Route 204: Lass Samantha, Bug Catcher Brandon
Route 205: Aroma Lady Elizabeth, Camper Zachary, Picnicker Karina, Fisherman Joseph
Route 206: Cyclist John, Cyclist Kayla, Hiker Theodore
Route 207: Battle Girl Helen
Route 208: Artist William
Route 209: Pokemon Breeder Albert, Poke Kid Danielle, Pokemon Breeder Jennifer
Route 210: Rancher Marco, Twins Teri and Tia, Bird Keeper Brianna, Veteran Brian, Dragon Tamer Patrick
Route 211: Ninja Boy Zach, Ruin Maniac Harry
Route 212: Socialite Reina, Gentleman Jeremy, Lady Melissa, Pokemon Ranger Allison, Parasol Lady Alexa, Pokemon Ranger Taylor, Scientist Shaun
Route 213: Beauty Cyndy, Tuber Chelsea, Tuber Jared
Route 214: Psychic Mitchell, PI Carlos, Psychic Abigail
Route 215: Ace Trainer Dennis, Ace Trainer Maya
Route 216: Skier Edward, Black Belt Phillip, Skier Andrea
Route 217: Ace Trainer Dalton, Skier Madison, Skier Bjorn, Skier Olivia
Route 218: Fisherman Miguel, Guitarist Tony
Route 222: Rich Boy Trey, Sailor Marc, Fisherman Alec
source: this thing and everything that links from it

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Thank you
You're welcome, I guess. Did you just select my answer without cross-checking a few details?