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I heard somewhere that, at some point, there were Pokemon collectable figures and a game you could play with them. All I could find on other sites was that it's something like the Pokemon Duel mobile app.

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I think it is kind of like pokemon duel, but in real life with no electronic
wow theres an actual orderly way to play with them?! Playing the game was just me bashing them together and making crashing noises lol

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TheJWittz has a pretty detailed video on the TFG, discussing exactly what it was, the rules of the game, why it was probably cancelled and gives a lot of nice shots of the figures and gives good examples of gameplay.

Shame it was cancelled, those figures are freaking beautiful. Who wants to play some Warhammer lol?

If you wanna pick up some of the figures, you can always hunt some down on ebay.

If you want a real nice text run down of the entire series, Wikipedia is actually super detailed, it includes every mon ever put into the game as well as each Pokemon's rarity (some mons could only be obtained randomly, others were easily purchased).

pkmn.net has probably the best and most detailed set of rules on the internet.