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In Pokemon Rumble, what determines how strong your Pokemon can be at a certain time? Is it the King's Requests? Thanks in advanced.

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It slowly ncreases
But how does it slowly Increase?
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The Pokemon gets power by plugging things into power outlets.
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It depends on the level you're on. For example, you can buy the Leafy Balloon, then buy the Ruby Balloon, go back to the Leafy Balloon and find stronger Chespin, Quilladin, etc.

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So if you bought the Dew Balloon and found Pokemon with Power of 678 or something, and then bought the Legend Balloon, when you came back to the Dew Balloon, would the Pokemon have Power of like, 1,289?
Also, the Grass Balloon is actually called the Leafy Balloon. Could you fix that please.
Yea pretty much
Ok. Thanks.