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So I got this strat that I secrifice 2 Pokemon to end up in a 1v1 against my suicune using a bastiodon and guillotine on my gliscor. But sometimes ofcourse the guillotkne misses. When should I use guillotine and when should I just not use it? When does the move have a high or low chance to hit?

Are you using this strategy in competitive battles against other players? If yes, what format?
Well he tagged it USUM and he said 1v1 so presumably BSS
I use this in free battles 3v3 what i do is guillotine there first pokemon( or try to) than use sturdy bastiodon with metal burst leaving him in a 1v1 situation but i always fail so i need help
OHKO moves are regarded as niche in BSS (the format you're playing), and probably not the sort of thing you want to base your whole game around. They're either too inaccurate, or take too long to set up. Their main utility is as a nuke for Pokemon that are prone to being walled.
You will not win games with the strategy you have devised, as you cannot plan competitive Pokemon games to that extent. It is good to have a game plan, but it needs to be adaptable turn-by-turn, and less one-dimensional.
so I'm playing white 2 randomiser and an enemy hit 3 guillotines in a row. what are the odds of this?

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First, OHKO moves are not affected by changes to the accuracy stat. The other answer was wrong.
OHKO moves will usually miss twice in a row, and there's a 34.3% chance of missing 3 times in a row. Because they often take so long to work, they should only be used on opponents that will give you those 3-5 free turns, especially Suicune, Cresselia, and Celesteela. Almost all other Pokemon will gladly take those 3-5 turns to knock out your Pokemon. If you want to quickly and reliably one-shot your opponents, then try this set.

Greninja @ Waterium Z
Ability: torrent
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid nature
- hydro pump
- dark pulse
- ice beam
- water shuriken
This set's pretty simple. Make sure the opponent doesn't resist water and use Z-hydro pump. (yes I'm sure torrent is a good ability. check Showdown!'s moveset statistics if you don't believe me)

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