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Hi guys, I recently was traded a regular Shaymin using link trade and wanted to check if it is legitimate and it all seems good except for its moveset, it came knowing Seed Flare, Energy Ball, Dazzling Gleam, and Nature Power. I didn't think this was a big deal because Dazzling Gleam and Nature Power are both TM moves, so the trainer before me could have just taught them that before trading them. However, I went to the move reminder and, while Shaymin did also know Aromatherapy and Substitute, it also knew moves like Magical Leaf, Leech Seed, and many others. Does this mean my Shaymin isn't legitimate? Sorry if this a dumb question, I'm semi-new to Pokemon. Thanks for all help!!

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I think they can, but I'm not that sure at all.

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Your Shaymin is perfectly legit. Leech Seed and Magical Leaf are moves learnt by level up. Event Pokémon can relearn non event moves. A Pikachu that knows Surf can relearn Thunder Shock.

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Okay, thanks so much!
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From Generations 2-6, the Move Reminder can teach a Pokemon any move from their previous levels. Your Shaymin is 100% legal.

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Ah mine is a generation 6 I'm pretty sure, it has a blue pentagon at the bottom.
@Papayana it doesn't matter what gen the Pokemon is from. Just what gen you are using the move relearner in.