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Since you don't level up in online matches, I'd assume no.
I just realized you don't earn xp. So that means no EVs. Should I hide this? Or let someone answer?
I could answer this if you want :/. Your decision if you want to hide this or not.
I think you should keep it up because other people might find it helpful.

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I just realised you don't earn xp. So that means no EVs.

Just wanted to swoop in for some easy points. :D

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Have 10 more easy points.
Wow. You just got 50 easy points
Why did this got 5 upvotes gosh.
We all support PX's valiant and just efforts to get easy points.
I actually want to dislike this, but disliking a question/answer with much votes AND even a BA already is doing nothing. And PX is an Editor, with much points, so it seriously does nothing