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playing Pokemon Y while relatively young, I was told that the ever-so-enticing inaccessible grass of the Pokemon daycare was 'where legendaries "spawned".' this seems silly looking back, but thinking more carefully, XY's inclusion of the roaming beasts mechanic makes this at least possibly plausible. it makes some sense, too. a convenient, already coded, inaccessible and visible patch of grass for the legendary to reside until it can start moving around. could it be true? and is there any way to determine if it is, or how it works? the only method I could think of is looking through the code carefully, or using cheats to access that grass at various points in the game.

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It sounds very similar to a myth I heard about a patch of grass in the daycare that gives you a Hoopa Egg.
You probably won't find anything because nothing is programed there. Or, you'll find a glitch and corrupt your save file.
I wondered what was in the grass of the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald daycare. I used a Walk-Through-Walls cheat and found... Pidgeys. Huh.
Depending on the game (especially in older ones), I would imagine that normally inaccessible tall grass will react identical to the rest on the tall grass on that route, with the same chances for wild Pokémon, including roaming legendaries if they’re on the route at that time.
I hear the inaccessible grass in HGSS has Rattatas in it.
yes but i'm asking specifically for pokemon Y, does the grass either hide the birds until one of them starts moving or spawn the bird into it to begin roaming. I mean, it would be a lot easier to just keep a pokemon stuck there than to make it appear.
It acts like any other patch of grass on that route
I think it would be pretty cool if the Eternal Floette is there. Since the weapon had something to do with healing and *gasp* killing right? That's the perfect theme for a Pokécenter.

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Probably Not
This patch of grass is most likely just for show. GameFreak probably put it there because it looked nice, and thought nothing about it when making the rest of the game. Also, why would GameFreak code legendaries into an inaccessible patch of grass? The code would be useless, since no player could actually get to the grass to catch them. No one will find out for sure, so you don't have to believe me on this one. This is just my opinion.

If he/she/it didn't have to believe you and it's just your opinion, why did you answer?
@sumwun This is prety opinianated queston honestly
+MoonlitMadness, ???? this isn't at all, this could easily be seen by hacking.
I'm sure this could be tested with a few hacking programs.
i said roaming legendaries. The point is that players can't access them, so that they can start there for roaming, so that they don't pop up before the player's ready.
I don't think that is how roaming works. Although I have no immediate proof, as far as I know, roaming Pokémon don't hide in a specific grass patch, they "hide" in a route where they have a chance to be encountered and can be encountered while repel-like effects are in place. So if they were hiding in the daycare route, any properly coded grass patch may encounter them, but you don't have to find a specific patch, as that would make roaming Pokémon nearly impossible to find. As for before the roaming Pokémon are released, they are a piece of code that hasn't been executed, and therefore only exist in the game's files, in a sense, somewhere inaccessible, but not in the conventional "in game" sense. :P
By the way, I'm pretty sure that in most games (except maybe Generation 7), all the grass patches on the same route or the same section of a route must always have the same encounter table.