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So I was scrolling through this bulbapedia article, and I found out Zubat is on the Seafloor cavern. Is there any reason behind that?
And I know there are caves in there without any water, but how they come there is something to ask, right?

That's all.

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I think they entered the cave when the water level was low. And because it suddenly rised up they could not get the chance to get out
When I read the name of this question I already had an answer until I read the description and the link. How and why is Zubat underwater, Golbat is underwater too. It could be a bug, but your tag says what this is.
Wouldn't be surprised if those damn bats are just automatically programmed into every cave there is...
Or, could it be... https://media.giphy.com/media/FNfwIUpBCTENW/giphy.gif
I noticed that before, and I thought Game Freak intentionally put no rare Pokemon in that cave just to make it more boring.

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It's pretty simple. Inside the seafloor cavern, there is air. Thus, a Zubat is able to breathe and fly into you. Maybe in the past, someone released two Zubats and they multiplied like hell.

Other than that, it's probably just a filler.