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catching with ultra ball is quite hard same with low HP, what is the best poké ball to catch

...Master Ball?
Quick Ball, Dusk Ball I think.
Timer ball after 20 turns works amazing.
Yes Fizz, tell it like it is.
Which game are you asking about?

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The best ball to catch a legend would be the Master Ball. If you want to save your Master Ball for legends that are tougher to catch then I suggest using Ultra Balls after you get the legend's HP very low (throwing 20-35 Ultra Balls is hard, but you gotta do it, I did it). You could also try Quick Balls, they are made to be used at the beginning of a battle to easily catch a Pokemon, but it's a lower change with legends but its worth a try. If you're playing Ultra Sun/Moon, use Roto-catch+Ultra Balls. You could also try the Timer Ball, it works the best if you were battling for 10 turns, like suggested by SeeYaLater. If you're having trouble catching a legend like you mentioned in your question, try using Hypnosis or Spore, a sleeping Pokemon is easier to catch.

That's all I can say, I made this answer from my memory. I hope I helped!

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It costed me 100 Pokéballs (yes, these Pokéballs, not Ultra Balls, not Great Balls, Pokéballs) to catch a Ho-OP, and I did! Hah! Look at that Gamefreak!
And could you note on the answer that after 20 turns Timer Balls have great chances already?
Once I caught a full health lvl 60 regirock with a pokeball. I just threw a pokeball and it caught the regi even though the regi has full health
I caught Necorzma in a great ball, with it's HP halved. Rarely, when you throw any poke ball it can have a 100% chance to catch a Pokemon.
Dive balls only raise catch rate if the Pokemon was encountered while surfing or fishing. The Pokemon's type doesn't matter. Also timer balls out-perform ultra balls after turn 10.
I got a Solgaleo in a PokéBall with full HP (I think). Life's fun! And I got a Legendary in a Quick Ball, although, I forgot what one, might search in my legendary box.
@SYL Okay, this isn't really the place to brag about stuff, you could go to my wall if you want. @sumwun Thanks for that info.