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i want to delete a pokémon, how I can delete pokémon without sending to a box

What do you mena by delteing it?
i want to abandon a pokémon
You mean release?
Syl He des not

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To release a captured Pokémon, the Pokémon must first be sent to a PC box. When accessing the PC box and selecting the Pokémon, you will have the option to release, which will permanently delete said Pokémon from your inventory. (Note that the Pokémon will still be recorded in the PokeDex, and there are some exceptions prior to Gen 7 regarding HM moves.)

Pokémon cannot be released straight from your party.

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I answered that, and he said that is not what he meant
I fail to see the difference between abandon and release, since the literal definition of abandon would be leaving it somewhere and not coming back for it, which wouldn't really be permanent.
Ugh that's right, sorry to said this Octazooka i'm wrong
I answered this an hour before hand and u say I am wrong only to best answer the other answer?
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No, but you can release, it but if you want to realease it get rid of all its hm moves.
To release a Pokemon, go to a PC, put it in a box, select the Pokemon you want to release and press release.
Well technically you could use a gameshark to delete it, but that is hacking

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i not talking about this, i want to delete a pokémon permanently
Do you mean so you can't encounter it in the wild at all?
nope wild pokémon is the common method to catch pokémon, i said i want to delete a pokémon permanently please say serious
Wut? U r confiusing me. So say you want to delee Ratata. you want to make it so you can't see ratata at all?
please read on my question and you'll understand
Rick, I don't think that helps at all.
You can't release a Pokémon without putting it in a PC box. If you thought PC boxes are just some things to hide your Pokémon, it's wrong :/
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Let it slowly rot in daycare for all of eternity. In all seriousness, depending on what game your playing, there could be a glitch to erase it. if not, trade it to someone else, erase your save file, or if you're playing on a 3ds/2ds, transfer it to Pokemon bank. The only other way is a cheating device. (Unlike some people, I have an action replay dsi, and I love using it.) Hope this helps!