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Correction (Crystal):

I want to know why Meganium had his design changed in Crystal

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First off, In the GS sprite, there are 5 petals(As shown below), but in the Crystal Sprite, There are 6. The question should say "Why was Meganiums 5 petals changed to 6?"but anyway, the only possible reason for GF to change his design, is that they did not like it. They actually changed Meganiums sprite a 2nd time in HGSS, where he only has those weird green lines on 2 of his petals instead of all of them,.
Source: Well most people know the only time they change sprite designs is because they want to improve or make them better. Or they are inappropriate, but Meganium is not so yeah.




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Maybe it's also because it didn't look like the flower it's based on (I don't know what that is). Well, if it's based on a real flower.
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The number of petals didn’t change. The last petal is behind its neck. You can see it more clearly in the Crystal sprite when Meganium moves its head.

There is clearly more space betweeen the GS petals, meaning there are only 5