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I have used Sudowoodo in my Crystal playthrough and I didn't have a problem with it.

You might not've had a problem with it, but there are much better choices. Just because you didn't have a problem with it doesn't mean its the best :/
Actually i do believe sudowoodo is superior. Sudowoodo has better base stats than Graveller. While it's not as great as golem, it has similar stats so it does not matter all that much, plus it's easier obtain. It's also impossible to obtain a golem if you have no one to trade with.
A Pokemon having higher stats doesn't make it better.

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A lot of Geodude's value comes in having favorable matchups against all of the first three gym leaders, where you won't be able to get Sudowoodo early enough to contribute in those battles at all. Having Ground as an extra type also means you can dominate the Magnemites that appear on Jasmine's team as well as the rival's.

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The fourth gym uses all poison Pokemon, so Graveler has a type advantage there.
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Ok, so let's see these Pokemon. (I will be using the original gsc, if you want hgss I can do that)

Excellent Defense
Excellent Offense
Decent HP
Decent Special Defense
Alright Stab in Rock Slide
Amazing Ground Coverage with Earthquake
Horrible Speed
Not much else coverage that is physical


Excellent Defense
Excellent Offense
Decent Special Defense
Decent HP
Very good Stab with Earthquake.
Not the best movepool
Rock throw isn't very good stab
Not much coverage again

I still would say that golem is better. However, if you can't trade choose sudowoodo ANY day

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Umm... you did say about Golem, but not graveler.
Why is it recommended over Graveler then?
Regigigas has some great stats, but that doesn’t make it a great Pokémon, not by a longshot. What about movepools, typing, etc.? Also, include graveler.