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Related to this.

Would anyone please take a photo of their original European GSC (each) cartridge?

There are so many pictures online, it´s hard to decode what the original should look like. I am looking for the sticker design the most - mainly fonts and layout of logos.

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Pokemon Database is not for this stuff you know?
GSC cartridges are basically gen 2 (Gold/Silver/Crystal) cartridges. This "stuff" is allowed as far as I know :P
... Although GSC was a long while back and I have lost my cartridges by now ;_;
This might get hidden if it can't be answered, 'unanswerable' questions clause is a thing now.
What I meant is that it's a really baseless question to ask. Just go search on the Internet again and if you can't find your answer, let it go. Nobody really has GSC cartridges preserved in their homes. Well I could be wrong.
Well if it's baseless it will go unanswered for a long time, and eventually will be hidden. But for now, it's valid and there's possibility it will be answered.

Btw I had my cartridges preserved only until recently o3o
Okay okay

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enter image description here

Here you go, sorry for the large size but my camera is a bit wonky.

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Thank you very much! Are you sure these are originals, as in, did you get them at a store?
It is real as you can see the original nintendo seal
The Crystal one is definitely storebought, and the Gold one very likely so. The Silver one is second hand at least but should be from a store at some point.
The sticker is kinda different between G/S. Thank you very much. Now I can shop at peace. By the way, should this site ever do the guide on recognizing fakes and originals, can we use your pictures?
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I just got my own Crystal!

  • You can see a bit of damage on the top edge.
  • The sticker has metallic shine.
  • Original battery has yellow edges - I spend about an hour changing it
    (unscrewing the backside with long-handled nailclippers, then using
    thin knife and screwdriver to undo the battery connections: in the
    front on -, on the back on +. New battery was taped using sticker
    foil from printing shop, ´coz that is some good quality sticking.)

enter image description hereenter image description here

what concerns me a bit is, why does mine have no CE mark?
CE mark is for European products only. Is there a chance that yours came from somewhere else?
The product code ends with EUR