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should I use quagsire or octillery who is better?

Kinda need to know the rest of your team
What game? You can’t catch octillery in Crystal. Also wut is rest of your team?

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i would recomend quagsire because it has less weakness, available in all games and can run a rest talk set. sure quag has less special defence but against grass, was it going to survive I the first place? I would use this set:

- Earthquake
- Surf
- Rest
- Sleeptalk

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Return and ice punch (ice beam if playing Crystal) are better than rest and sleep talk. Rest is kind of pointless when Moomoo milk is a thing.
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Octillery if you are playing GS. Otherwise go with quagsire

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First, Quagsire learns earthquake at level 35. Second, why does it need to use surf or waterfall when its earthquake is better than Lanturn's surf in most situations?
Fie I wll taek out klanturn
...and how exactly is Quagsire worse than Octillery, even in GS?
Octillery higher atk and spc atk. Also a curse + mud slap does really good. And then for he last 2 slots the 2 hms it can learn. I know you probably think that set sucks, but it does quite well
I think Octillery's main problem is that it comes later, so it misses important battles like Jasmine. Quagsire also learns more HMs. If a curse mud-slap combination is really good, then Quagsire's curse earthquake is just about 7 times better. Earthquake and ice punch also let Quagsire hit a bunch of types harder than Octillery can.