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Just something I randomly thought of, let’s say that somehow (doesn’t really matter how), Ribombee gets the ability Triage. If it uses Pollen Puff on an ally does it get +3 priority?

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There's no way we can test this, as there's no such thing as Hackmons Doubles
^oh that’s ok, that’s literally a random thought I had
well i made a replay of a pokemon with triage using pollen puff, is that alright for an answer?
Yeah, that’s fine

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Like Meta Ridley said, there’s no way to test this. But we don’t need to test it. According to Bulbapedia, the moves affected by Triage are Absorb, Drain Punch, Dream Eater, Heal Order, Heal Pulse, Healing Wish, Horn Leech, Leech Life, Lunar Dance, Mega Drain, Milk Drink, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Oblivion Wing, Parabolic Charge, Purify, Recover, Roost, Shore Up, Slack Off, Soft-Boiled, Strength Sap, Swallow, and Wish.

No, Pollen Puff wouldn’t get boosted priority from triage, even if it’s being used on an ally.

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Ok, thank you!
You can test it, by skill swapping.
The reason smeargle was made was to make gimmicky sets.
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Triage does not affect Aqua Ring, Grassy Terrain, Ingrain, Leech Seed, Pain Split, Present, Pollen Puff, or Z-Moves that only heal due to their Z-Power effect (such as Z-Conversion 2).

Whelp, pretty much says it right there


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Smeargle is also capable of getting Pollen Puff, obviously, and it can also use moves like Skill Swap or Role Play to get its ability to become Triage legally in the middle of a battle. If that happens, you'll find that Pollen Puff does not get a Triage boost, even if you target your teammate (such that it would be a healing move).