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She first appeared in gen 4. After that she keeps appearing in every gen. So who is she? Who is her mom and dad? Why is appearing in every new gen? Where she came from? What is her origin? + who is the old man in the eterna forests house?

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I think there was a Pokemon Origins epsiode about this.
Then please post an answer instead of commenting.
We got a little bit of character development of her in Gen 5, but we don't know if she's the same girl across the other generations
@MightMagicarp I ant find it
Three words: Game Freak Logic.

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Ok. So I found the video. And it is darkest Pokemon video I have ever seen. Okay so this is all the information we have about her so far. She tricks lost travelers, with her ghost butler, and then does something to them. Also according to bulbapedia on the generations episode.:

The Old Chateau appeared as the focus point of The Old Chateau. Cheryl and her Chansey were drawn there while looking for a place to stay overnight while exploring the Eterna Forest. While inside, the two were tricked and eventually attacked by the ghosts of a butler and a little girl.

She appears in every generation since it is kind of like Game Freak saying "this will haunt you." It is kind of hard to explain but yeah. I can clarify in a comment

Here is the video and bulbapedia article

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That vid was creepy. But what about the origins?
The Pokemon Generations episode is pretty new. It's probably not related to where the ghost girl originally came from.
It doe not. It ust says a lot abot what she does. There is nothing about where she came but you cna assume she died after losing her way through the eterna firest
She is still alive tho
I remember reading somewhere she killed someone...  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Are you talking about that Gardenia oerson who killed like a police? that happened in real life
@Octazooka - Nope.
If there's nothing in there about where she came from, then this doesn't answer the question.
It asked her origin. Origin and where she cam form are not exactlty the same. I shared as much of hr origin as possible.
I also said where she came from.
here did you say where she came from?
"Why is he appearing in every gen" state that
So she can trick traverlers. She is basically kind of like a in game treat form Game Freak, excpet an evil one at that.
Do you have any source then please do tell me
Not really, but it is kind of implied, since otherwise she woud ahev only appeared in egn 4
What do you think Magicarp meant by the word "origin"?
Probbaly where shecame rom and the ony plce we kno she culd have came form is the Old Chateu
Maybe she doesn't come from the Old Chateau. Maybe she came from somewhere in real life. Have you thought about that?
In the 10 years she has been around if someone else has  not figed it out i doubt i could. GThis is all the info we have now like i said said 20 times
If you don't have enough info why did you answer?
No one has enough info, and Gamfreak will probably never explain the origins of a girl who is not very well known
Did she return in Alola? Don't remember her.
Maybe it's acerola
@Death yes
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Ok so first of all a lot of these are still not answerable, and will probably never be answerable since I doubt Game Freak would realize Back Story about a character who is generations old.

Who is she: a random ghost girl who, according to the Generations episode, attacks innocent travelers.

Parents: Not known and probs never will be.

Why is she appearing in every gen: Kind of like an easter egg, or maybe Game Freak was just like, "How about we make 4 year olds feel like they are being haunted?"

Where She came from: We don't know, and probably never will, but I assume she died in the Old Chateu with her butler after they got lost in Eterna Forest.

Her Origin: According to swumwun, an Origin is a place where a person comes from, so I answered that.

Old Man: Her butler

Sources: Other answer

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