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Correction: Fire isn't weak to Steel, It's weak to Water, Ground, and Rock. Also, Fire is super-effective against Steel.
Fire is only weak to Steel if you play Inverse Battles. :P
High temperature makes rusting easier.
Hellfire Taco made a mistake
How did Hellfire Taco make a mistake? The question looks exactly the same even though you just edited it.
bruh Ht did not make a mistake. t is the exat same as when you wrote it

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Probably because extreme heat softens and melts steel.

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Dude. He said why is Steel weak to Fire. You should ask at the beginning of your answer something like, "Steel is not weak to fire, but fire is weak to steel." If you do that i will happily remove this downvtoe.
What? That is plainly false.
Steel is weak to Fire because steel melts in extreme heat. That is the answer to the question.
Oh. NVM. I thougt the questin said "Why is fire weak to steel?" since that what it was before t was edited :P