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Hi everybody, I'm new to the forum, hope I can find some answers here.

My friend and I are doing a red/blue vs run where we battle after every gym, and he used the teleport glitch and now has a Mew on his team. I totally forgot about the glitch and now I can't do it until the next opportunity with fly, so I can't just match him.

We all know how broken this thing is in gen 1, so I need to know what the best strategy for it would be? The only super effective moves are bug and they're both terrible, and it's stats are untouchable.

If anybody can name a good counter Pokémon or strategy that will give me a chance I'd appreciate it.


U can use teleport or escape rope along with fly
Not from a battle you can’t.
What gym did you just beat?
@sumwun we just beat Misty, I've been grinding like hell before Lt Surge, thinking that higher levels might be my only option.
I dont get this question at all. Mabye I am stupid but could you calrify? :/
@octazooka sure no problem.

My friend used the mew glitch to get a mew, and mew is pretty much unbeatable because it's stats are great and it's only weak to bug moves, and there are no decent bug Pokémon. I'm just asking if there's a particular Pokémon with a certain moveset that will be able to stand up to his mew and give me a chance.
I can't get a mew myself because I missed the opportunity to do the glitch.
Hope that clears it up!
I haven't ever used them, but aren't Scyther and Pinsir good bug types in Gen 1? They should resist Psychic moves, so you should only have to worry about His Mew having a Fire, Ice, Rock, Or Flying move. :P

Edit: Or you could use something like Confuse Ray/Hypnosis+Night Shade Gengar. Or parafusion Lapras :P
@Cambria Do you have access to anything with swords dance, amnesia, or thunder wave?
@Stakataka You do realize that neither of them resist psychic or learn any bug attacks?

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Based on what I know about your current situation, I think the best way to defeat the Mew is to first use thunder wave. After it's paralyzed, it should be a lot easier to use swords dance or amnesia and break through the Mew with boosted attacks.