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If you didn't know, shaking the joycon while having the Partner Pikachu/Eevee in battle, it triggers a special move.

In Let's Go Pikachu, the Partner Pikachu will use the sure-hit move, Pika Papow.

In Let's Go Eevee, the Partner Eevee will use the sure-hit move, Veevee Volley.

What are the base power of these special moves that the starters can use?


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The base power is Pikachu or Eevee’s friendship divided by 2.5. At 0 friendship, it will have 1 base power (the result is rounded up), and at 255 (maximum friendship) it will have 102 base power.


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It depends on the number of freindship between it's trainer (happiness) your Pikachu/Eevee has.

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