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I am not to sure what to pick cloyster or starmie for a comp team in lets go pikachu/eevee and I was hoping you guys can help me out!

There is no 'competitive' scene in LGP/E, if that's what you're alluding to in this question. Making a team for that doesn't make a lot of sense.
@Fizz Any game with mechanics and multiplayer can have a competitive scene... just because its not a traditional pokemon title doesnt mean theres a lack of competition. The Feature to battle online is still there meaning there is no harm in asking about how to get an advantage when building a team. The question makes perfect sense
You're right. However, LGP/E is manifestly a worse competitive game than US/UM, having no rating system, substantially less in the way of mechanics and no incentive for those who already play competitively in US/UM. If you would want any depth out of your experience playing competitive Pokemon, LGP/E isn't the place. You would only match with casual players who have limited interest in optimising a team: to call that competitive is very generous.
If I had a problem with this question I would click 'hide' on it. I just think it's worth it to voice that these games are dwarfed by the older ones if you want to play seriously against other serious players.
@zepheryt There's a Smogon thread that says Starmie is better. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/lgpe-overused.3644015/
@Fizz Showdown! has LGPE formats with a rating system and serious players.
I stand corrected then.
Because of the lack of Abilities and Shell Smash, Closter is basically a weaker Slowbro with a bad defensive typing. Starmie is a better offensive Pokémon, while Slowbro does everything Closter does and more, while doing it even better. :P
Starmie, I would say. Great speed and special. Cloyster is worthless without shell smash

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Because of differences in stats, Starmie is a lot faster and can use stronger hydro pumps and scalds. More specifically, its speed makes it more threatening to things like mega Venusaur, Nidoqueen, and Zapdos. Starmie can also use STAB psychic to cover poison (which is surprisingly common) and recover to heal itself quickly.

However, contrary what the comments said, Cloyster can learn shell smash, so it can still be a good sweeper.