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I have been trying to get a Carbink with sturdy for a while. I tried breeding and S.O.S., but neither worked. Ik it's a secret or special ability for Carbink, I just wanna know how to get it.

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It's an HA (Hidden Ability). Also, keep chaining them Carbinks.
I think you're supposed to try to one-shot the Carbinks that come from SOS calls and catch the ones that survive.
Do you plan on fighting powerful steel types with this Carbink? Carbink is bulky enough to survive most moves so Sturdy isn't really good (and they are ways to make Carbink survive at least one steel type move).
Carbink in general isn't good. If you use it in-game, it slows down the game quite a lot.
@sumwun - That's p-preposterous!
How is it so preposterous?

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Chain length of 0 to 9: 0% chance of Hidden Ability
Chain length of 10 to 19: 5% chance of Hidden Ability
Chain length of 20 to 29: 10% chance of Hidden Ability
Chain length of 30 to 255: 15% chance of Hidden Ability


The higher the chain is, the more likely it is to encounter a Pokemon with a Hidden Ability. It’s best to get to a chain length of at least 30. Keep OHKOing Carbink until it survives the attack due to Sturdy.

The only way to get a Hidden Ability Pokemon by breeding is if the mother has the ability already. In this case, there is a 60% chance for the HA to be passed to the child.