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SO me and my friends were talking about USUM, when they said in US when it is daytime, it is nightime in UM. I did not know this since my UM is daytime when my friends US is daytime. How do I fix this?

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So it's daytime in UM when the time on your 3DS's clock is between 10:00 and 17:00?
Yep. That is right

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Did you go in the Ultra Wormhole in the Altar of the Sunne/Altar of the Moone? Going there makes Pokémon Ultra Moon's/Pokémon Ultra Sun's time work like Pokémon Ultra Sun's/Pokémon Ultra Moon's time and does some other stuff. Did your freinds ever change the time on their 3DS/2DS? That can effect the game's time. There is no other way as far as I am concerned that this can occur.

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My friend never changed their time. I will check to see if my time is right. If u right u get BA. U no right no BA
Also on the back of my Ultra Moon box it says, "Time is inverted in Ultra Moon: daytime in the real world is nighttime in game."

My time is not inverted, and I did nothing you said.
Then I don't know what to tell you :P . It can't be possible if you never did any of these things, unless it is...
I had reversed time :P