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So every time I battle someone in let's go they have a mega Aerodactyl that knows stealth rocks. Is there any way to get rid of Aerodactyl before they set up stealth rocks?
(Keep in mind moves that get rid of stealth rocks like defog or rapid spin is not available in let's go)

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Use your own Aerodactyl and hope you win the speed tie.
What format? Singles or doubles?
It's single
Okay. <filler>

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You could use Mega Alakazam (same speed as Aerodactyl), hope it goes first, use Taunt, then go for a Psychic and hope it is a OHKO.

Hope this helps!

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AV's make stalling in Lets Go basically the only strategy in the online game. Sandslash is an amazing Physical wall and can take hits and shut down most physical attackers in the game, including Mega Aerodactyl. Maybe it doesn't immediately stop Stealth Rock, but it removes Aero and then removes Stealth Rock, which is just as good. Or you could use Alolan Sandslash, which gets Swords Dance, Ice Shard, Rapid Spin, Toxic, and a Toxic Immunity, perfect for fighting in Lets Go. If your worried about weaknesses, what do you think teammates are for? :P
Did you read the description? The asker clearly states: > "Keep in mind moves that get rid of stealth rocks like defog or rapid spin is not available in let's go."

Oh, sorry. :P

Alolan Sandslash's Ice Shard still OHKOs M-Aero :P
Mega alkazam has greater speed than regular aerodactyl, @alolanvulpix. But, M-alakzam(mega alakazam) has the same speed as mega aerodactyl, though.
@Momo1234567890, I know.

@Stakatacool, Okay.
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Using a water,electric,ice,rock or steel move from any water,electric,ice,rock or steel type Pokemon may help, as each of these types do 2x to aerodactyl.

Electrode probably is the best option, since it can learn thunder bolt and taunt(as well as being an electric type), which can stop stealth rocks and kill M-aerodactyl, respectively . Plus, it is the only Pokemon that does super-effective damage and has greater base speed than aerodactyl(and is in generation 1). But, if they have M-aerodactyl, than electrode would have the same base speed as M-areodactyl. Still, though, it is the best option.

Hope this helps!

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Did you read the question?
I did! Does my answer not answer the question, and how?
Which moves did the question say were unobtainable in Let's Go?
@sumwun The question stated that Defog and Rapid Spin are unavailable, which they are. Thunder Bolt (as TM36) and Taunt (as TM02) are both available and Taunt DOES prevent the opponent from setting up Stealth Rock! This is a very valid answer.
Electrode and Mega Aero have the same Speed. Winning on a Speed tie, or using priority to OHKO is what it comes down to. :P

Don't use Electrode. Mega Alakazam's learns Thunderbolt and Taunt, and its Thunderbolt is not only stronger, but Alakazam itself is far more useful than Electrode. :P
@Ryvan The answer suggested using defog until I posted that comment and the Momo person edited the answer. And even taunt doesn't RELIABLY prevent stealth rock because nothing can reliably taunt before Aerodactyl moves.