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i blue my chanse to get one by axadentaly going back by wormhole to my normal sun

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Did you go to the Lake of the Sunne/Lake of the Moone? Did you evolve the Cosmog to it's final stage yet? The reverse world never disappears, you can go back at certain times :P
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You have to trade to get a Lunala in Pokemon Sun. I recommend using GTS to get one.
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well i dont have moon so i cant get lunala
ignor that anser i posted
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Also I forgot GTS it seems : /
You can use GTS to get a Lunala
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If a friend of yours has Pokemon Sun they can take your Cosmog and level up and evolve it to Solgaleo for you and you can evolve their Cosmog to Lunala.

Or if they have Pokemon Moon they can give you their Cosmog to evolve to Solgaleo and you give them your Cosmog to evolve to Lunala.

Then remember to trade each other back the Pokemon after the full evolution has taken place.

If you don't have a friend to do this with then trade through the gts to get the Pokemon data.

im not allowed to dew to pearintall controlls cause i am 9