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You cannot obtain Zeraora in SM, only in USUM.
The game won't let you. :P
As far as I am aware you can’t because it’s data does not exist in SM.
This can be easily looked up on bulbapedia. You can’t transfer it.
This doesn't break any rule.
Strictly speaking, the 'look it up' rule only applies to content that is on PokemonDB, and I personally narrow that further to the dex pages only.

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Since zeraora does not exist in SM data, it will either not let you transfer or crash the SM system.

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You can't transfer Zeraora to Sun/Moon because it did not exist in those games. But, if you somehow "transfered" Zeraora to Sun/Moon it would be a Shiny (maybe normal) Bulbasaur, I like to call those glitch Bulbasaurs. The Bulbasaur would be named "Zeraora", it would have all of it's moves and stats, except moves that don't exist in Sun/Moon (e.g Plasma Fists). Anything that doesn't exist would be blank and have the Normal type (gray) color. Also, the Bulbasaur are Normal types. They also have random cries.

Source: Experience

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Fu fact: a glitch was found a little while back that allowed people to send Zeraora into the Wonder Trade, which normally isn’t allowed of USUM exclusives since SM and USUM use the same WT servers. This made some unlucky SM users receive glitch Bulbasaurs that couldn’t be moved or released. The only way to get rid of it was to transfer it to Pokémon Bank, which would recognize it as Zeraora.
Fascinating. Thanks for the fact.
Your source for the bulbasur thing is from KRLW not your experience I think. IDK it could be your experience
No it is my experience :) . If my source is KRLW890 then why is the comment on my answer? Since the comment is on my answer that must mean I made the answer before she commented, right?
Yeah, Vulpix had the Bulbasaur info before I commented.
I thought because you edited it after KRWL you used their evidence.