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In your answer, please include every tier, as well as doubles format.

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It depends on the format.
I use a Heal Pulse Latias in Doubles.
I wouldn't say there is always a definitive best in every format, but I will say for each format there may be a few great Clerics that are way better than other Cleric choices (unless the Format excludes Clerics entirely). :P
I would guess the format is OU, and i dont have much knowledge on clerics, but isnt chnasey a great one?
Specify format or we'll assume OU
Good clerics include Chansey, Blissey, Clefable, Florges, Sylveon, and Umbreon.
I second Fieri, Latias is a good one in Multi Battles.

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Here's the ones I think are the best in their respective tiers:

Ubers: Blissey, Chansey
OU: Chansey, Clefable
UU: Celebi, Blissey
RU: Umbreon
NU: Vaporeon, Mega Audino
PU and below: Audino

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The question asks for every tier, so you should answer for every tier.
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