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Bouncy Bubble
Since when do bubbles bounce? And why do they drain energy?
Buzzy Buzz
Aren't bugs the only ones who can buzz? And why does it paralyze you?
Slizzy Slide
So when I would slide on the grass I would get burned? And Flare Blitz has 10% chance of burning the target while a slide has 100% chance...
Glitzy Glow
So a glow is psychic-type, but a gleam (Dazzling Gleam) is fairy-type? And how can a "glow" halve damage from special attacks?
Baddy Bad
Discrimination to dark-type. And how can you summon Reflect by acting bad?
Sappy Seed
Sounds like a failed remake of Jake and the Beanstalk.
Freezy Frost
Haze covers everyone in haze, but if Frost Breath doesn't, why a freezing frost.
Sparkly Swirl
So a swirl attacks a target and heals your team? What? And how bad are you if you get knocked out by a swirl of party-sparkles?
Veevee Volley
Are we going to play volleyball with Eevee? And what is "Veevee"? And why does it checks Accuracy?

Zippy Zapp
Why does it have Priority? And why does it always lands on a critical hit?
Floaty Fall
What if someone would zap your balloons? Wouldn't you knock yourself out?
Splishy Splash
It hits only one Pokémon? And why is it a splash if it's surfing?
Pika Papow
Why doesn't it check Accuracy? And what is a papow?

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It's just aliteration, also this is kinda the more casual-friendly game so that might have some influence.

Not to mention plenty of other moves don't make any sense, and you can usually fix that with a little bit of imagination.
In Japanese, Dark type is actually Evil type, while in the English versions, Dark loosely means the same thing. This is most likely why Fairy Type is strong against Dark type, why Light type doesn't exist, and why Dark type moves have names like Baddy Bad. :P

The moves were likely created to make your starter Pokémon more OP and Fun to use, as well as adding more ways to Heal Status, set Screens, heal, etc. :P

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Since Let's Go is more of a casual-friendly name I suppose it makes sense for the names to... not make sense. There have been names like this in the mainseries too. Besides, the partner moves are hilariously broken in battle. Instant seeds and guaranteed burns? Access to the only move in the game that heals status from all teammates? A priority move that also guaranteed crits? Why wouldn't you use them?

Besides, there are plenty of worse moves. Who remembers the last time someone unironically used Magnetic Flux or Razor Wind?

Magnetic Flux works well on a Pokémon with Plus or Minus, especially in double battles (sending both out) and powering up each others Defense and Sp. Defense. But thank you for awnsering
Magnetic Flux still sucks in doubles because all Pokémon that learn the move and or have Plus/Minus get OHKO'd by Landorus-T's Earthquake. :P
Earthquake wll end anything carrying Plus or Minus, and the few pokemon with the ability are nearly unusable in Doubles due to poor stats or problematic typings. I suppose Manectric is the closest you can get to that potentially working, but why bother when it won't work upon Mega Evolving?