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I got this Flygon from a trade with a friend, and I hadn't changed anything about it. Could anyone tell me how this Pokemon can be fixed?

Flygon (F) @Soft Sand
Ability: Levitate
- Dig
- Draco Meteor
- Feint Attack
- Hyper Beam

(I don't really know much about moves and strategy, so all help is appreciated.)

What do you want to do with this Flygon?

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Dig -> Earthquake
Draco Meteor -> Dragon Claw
Feint Attack -> physical coverage move
Hyper Beam -> physical coverage move

Soft Sand -> ???

Lacking info on Nature, IVs, and EVs. Ideally, they'd be a bulky set with leftover points going into physical attack.

There are really only 2 "problems" with Flygon as a Pokemon. It's probably the weakest psuedo-legendary in terms of raw stats with no Mega Evolution to fix it, and it's movepool is very limited for covering it's weaknesses. 4x weak to Ice is especially painful, and is a common type for either coverage or filler moves. Biggest stumbling block is going to be Fairy, for which the only options in movepool are Iron Tail (70% accuracy) and Steel Wing (90% accuracy).

Examples of builds can be found here.

I would recommend Dragon Dance in place of one of the physical coverage moves.
Also, Flygon isn’t *technically* a pseudo-legend, since it doesn’t have 600 bst (although pseudo-legend’s a fan term anyway, so it probably doesn’t matter too much)
Flygon is technically not a pseudo-legendary. Its stats are too low.