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Is this Reuniclus good? I just gave it a few random moves and a life orb, and now I somewhat regret it. (Please tell me how to fix it.)

Reuniclus (M) @Life Orb
Ability: Magic Guard
- Drain Punch
- Shadow Ball
- Dizzy Punch
- Flash Cannon

What do you think I can do to make it better? Thanks.

What are you trying to do with this Reuniclus?
You do realise that reuniclus has basically no attack or the bulk to run life orb? Give it leftovers, replace drain punch with psychic, dizzy punch with focus blast and flash cannon for something like trick room or recover.

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since this never got a proper answer, the problem with your reuniclus is that it’s way too stab based. the main concern is dizzy punch. reuniclus attack base stat is pretty garbo compared to its special attack. Instead use focus blast to get a cover for dark types. I would also use psychic as it’s main psychic stab. psyshock is also acceptable. TRICK ROOM. cannot specify trick room enough. reuniclus’s base speed is a pos using trick room will help it out speed a lot of its counters. the 4th slot I would use either hidden power (fire) to counter bug types, reflect, or recover. reuniclus is more of a threat the longer it stays on the field which is why you want moves that will increase longevity while also having a few moves to attack with.

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Your Reuniclus is not bad, but it does not have enough Defense to hold a Life Orb for long. Also, Dizzy Punch and Flash Cannon have no purpose. Finally, it is very slow, so it would be a 2HKO or 3HKO when hit by a super effective move. Here is a good moveset for it:

Reuniclus (Any Gender) @Leftovers
Ability: Magic Guard
Nature: Modest
-Psychic - good STAB
-Trick - Helps with lower speed
-Shadow Ball - Good for type resistance
-Light Screen/Calm Mind - Good defense and attack

You do realize that magic guard prevents life orb recoil, right? And how does trick raise speed?
I think he means Trick Room.
Also light screen is bad in most singles formats because defog is so common.