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Trick room was in effect,and it was my turn,and he didn't use a priority attack.
but still I got outsped and knocked out .. why , is there a trick or held item that negate the effect of trick room or something ?

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Quick claw maybe?
NO quick claw my friend,i would've known !! , and who would give greninga a quick claw anyway ?
What move did you use? If the move had negative priority, it would have caused Reuniclus to move last regardless of Trick Room's effects.
Focus blast of course !

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There are a few possible solutions:
- Greninja was holding a Quick Claw
- Reuniclus was holding a Full Incense or Lagging Tail
- Reuniclus acquired the ability Stall

PX Edit: Greninja might have also used Shadow Sneak, which bypasses speed via priority. Also Trick Room might have expired and you didn't notice.

No PX, he clearly said that Trick Room was in effect and Greninja used a move without priority. If he hadn't then I would've added those in.

EDIT: I have searched several Pokemon websites and all of them said the same thing: the only things which override Trick Room are priority and priority-affecting moves and abilities: Stall, Quick Claw, Lagging Tail, and Full Incense. As such, the only possibilities are that you missed something or that this is some weird undocumented bug. Case closed.

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i said above he didn't use a priority attack ! , he used a dark pulse , and no , he wasn't holding quick claw ,because when it activates u can tell !! , and the trick room was in the third turn !
am not trying to make a puzzle here , but that's what happened !!
guys i don't want to trouble you anymore but that's what happened , i wish i saved the game and gave u the code to download and watch with your own eyes .. anyway .
if it's possibly he missed Greninja using quick claw it's possible he missed Trick Room ending or using it using Shadow Sneak. My point still stands until we see what actually happened
sorry, i was being petty, but even so its not like i didnt consider that, its just useless to put it in the answer because its not going to help him at all, as he is adamant that trick room did not expire and greninja did not use a prioritized move.
I know i'm three years late, but if the greninja had max sped investment, and was at +6 speed then he could have outsped trick room. If he wasn't, then he could also have been scarfed and at +5.
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I feel you do not have enough information here. Greninja in Trick Room against Reuniclus?

The answer is Greninja used Shadow Sneak. The alternative answer is he used Water Shuriken.

This was not a glitch. This was you not paying attention. I know you are possibly going to be mad and downvote this, but yeah. That is all it is. Sorry for being blunt.