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Just want to know

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Depends on the rest of your team and your format.

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Yes, for sure!

Role: Bulky Sweeper
Item: Shell Bell
Nature: Modest
Moveset: Future Sight, Trick Room, Signal Beam, Recover

Future Sight/Recover: Used to deal lots of STAB. You could use psychic, but I like this more because it goes well with recover. He's too bulky to faint in two turns so after future sight is used, use recover to make up for the damage done during the two where he was vonurable.
Signal Beam/Shadowball: To cover dark type weakness, plus has the chance to confuse. Shadowball is just a solid move that covers the Ghost weakness, so it's up to you which one you like.
Trick Room: Obvious reasons, makes him fast

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Yes, it is. With its extreme bulk and special attack it can both deliver and tank hits easier. Although it lacks in speed it's other stats make up for it.

Hope this helps :)

"lacks speed" -- that's what Trick Room is for :^)
Tr is kinda garbage rn
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With a high Special Attack, above average bulk, and low speed, Reuniclus is a pretty good, if not the best, Trick Room user. It's lackluster if you use it with too many sweepers, though. Of course, this isn't an issue when your sluggish tanks become sweepers when you use Trick Room.

Tl;Dr: 7/10. I'd try it out.