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I want to use a full shiny team and need some tips

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I don't think there's any way to raise the chance above 1/8192.
Though if you read this, you might be able to effectively raise the shiny chance to 100% under certain conditions. https://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/emerald_rng_intro

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There is no way to change the odds above the standard 1/8192 chance in Emerald, and on top of that, Emerald's RNG is glitched with a fixed seed, which means that every time you start the game, it'll reroll the same frames in the same order. This doesn't really have an affect on random encounters, but it does make SRing almost impossible because you'll keep hitting the same 20 or so frames. There are some workarounds, though.
For all the legendaries in Emerald, you'll want to use the run away method; encounter it, run away if it's not shiny, leave the room and reenter, and the legendary will be back. By doing this, you can encounter the legendary as many times as you need without turning your game off and will get a unique roll every time.
This method won't work for the starters, though. In order to get a shiny starter, you'll need an early shiny frame, which requires a lucky TID/SID combo. To get this, just SR like normal, except every 60 SRs or so, create a new save file to scramble your TID/SID combo. If you get a shiny Zigzagoon before you get a shiny starter, it means you've found an early shiny frame and should stop creating new save files; as long as you use the current file, it shouldn't take you too many more resets to find your starter.

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I know this was answered like 3 years ago but I followed this method and got a shiny Zigzagoon around 14 seconds after the route 101 sign went off screen. I was wondering if I should still wait until around that time frame or just do it as soon as the game starts now?
You’ll need to wait a bit and hit that same frame again for a shiny. Gen 3 runs at 60 fps, so good luck.
so once you come across a shiny zigzagoon just keep SR that same file over and over and you'll eventually get the shiny starter? also does a dry battery affect this in any way?
Yes, once you get a shiny Zigzagoon, that means that you have an early shiny frame, so you just need to try and get that frame on your starter, instead. You might encounter another shiny Zigzagoon first, but since you have an early shiny frame, your chances of landing on that frame are significantly higher than full odds; probably anywhere from 1/60 to 1/360 depending on how consistent your timing is from the time your game starts up to when you choose the starter.
In Emerald, having a dry battery does not affect this hunt.