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Recently, I bred myself a perfect IV Shuckle in Pokemon X with:
Egg move Sand Tomb
Ability Sturdy
Nature: Impish (+Def -Sp. Atk)
I forgot why I intended to have Sand Tomb but decided that I would teach it the TM Flash so that I could prevent the foe from switching out while lowering their accuracy. I would also have the Shuckle hold a grip claw so that the sand tomb lasts for seven turns. Is this a waste of a Shuckle?

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Most people use infestation over sand tomb.
What format?
Single. And I was thinking about infestation, but my nature is minus special attack. Not that it matters, with Shuckles sp. Atk Stat of 10. I'm thinking my last two moves will be rest and smack down/stealth rock/swagger.
What kind of singles? Is this for Showdown! or a real Pokemon game? Are there any Pokemon, abilities, or moves that you're not allowed to use?
For fun. I have not yet thought about that. Lol

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This strategy isn't very good. Switching has priority over moves, so your opponent will very likely switch to a reliable Shuckle counter before Shuckle can use sand tomb. You'll end up trapping the Shuckle counter, which doesn't do you any good.

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what if you started with him?
The opponent can switch his/her/its Pokemon on the first turn.
Not to mention that Ghost types, Flying types, Levitate users, and any Pokémon with a move like Baton Pass/U-turn/Parting Shot/Volt Switch can still escape (assuming you use Infestation instead, since Sand Tomb, Bind, and Infestation have similar effects). :P

Perish Trapping, Magnet Pull, and Shadow Tag are far more efficient ways of trapping imo. Suckle is mostly used for Hazard Setting as a Suicide lead, although, the Battle Tree NPCs get stalled really badly by my Shuckle that uses Toxic, Rest, Protect, and Infestation. :P
The question says X, and there are no good perish trappers in X for the same reasons I said in my answer (unless they also have shadow tag).
ok thx