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Because Flash is not an HM in most games, you can remove it freely. What happens if you delete Flash while it's in use?

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Outside of battle? I don’t have a source but the room would still be lit up until you exit the area
Yeah I mean outside of battle

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Flash is only a TM, rather than an HM, in Gens 4, 5, and 6. In all of these Gens, if Flash is forgotten while being used in the overworld, it will remain in effect as normal. It will only wear off when the player moves into a non-dark area; moving into another dark room within the cave will not cancel Flash, even if the Pokemon no longer remembers the move.

Source: tested in each Gen.

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So if there's a light room and a dark room in the cave (like Wayward Cave), moving from the dark room to the light room and back will end the flash?
It would I s'pose.